Trying to arrange a photo shoot backstage before any live music event would normally be a huge challenge. There’s so much happening; artist sound checks, stage build, lighting rig testing… The list goes on.


Space for a photographer with models, hair, make-up, lighting, would normally be impossible. Fortunately our collaboration with MTV means we had access to the huge production area at this year’s MTV EMA in Rotterdam.


Working with a brilliant fashion photographer, David Titlow, helped too. His style of using a portable lighting rig that delivers intense flash at the centre of every shot, means the team were mobile enough to work backstage all day. David's expertise captured perfectly what it’s like being backstage at a live music event.


Having such a large production area to shoot in, with so many different backdrops to shoot against, meant we were spoilt for choice. Picking our favourites from the hundreds of shots we got was the hardest part of the day! We hope you like the ones we’ve picked for the website. Expect to see more of them in the future.


Thanks to everyone who took part in the shoot, including our two Dutch models Eloy and Daili. Thanks also to our partners MTV for giving us access to backstage at the Ahoy, Rotterdam.